What is Page Central OnDemand?

Page Central OnDemand is our hub to showcase the features of our browser-based HTML typesetting engine - Page Central. With this user-facing version, we want you to experience its powerful capabilities: one-touch pagination on the browser, multiple template views on-the-fly, zero cost of repagination. Experience hands-on what it can do for your publishing workflow, and we'd love to talk to you about enterprise customisation and integration.

Is Page Central OnDemand free?

Yes, Page Central OnDemand is free. Although offering limited transaction volumes, storage and templates, it lets you use all of its features and experience its capabilities. We will soon offer a tiered commercial version with add-ons and increased usage thresholds.

Why make Page Central OnDemand available to everyone ?

Over the last decade, we've perfected the intricacies of typesetting and styled output for our publisher clients. We now see huge potential in the latest HTML standards to improve user experience, and make it dynamic and interactive. Some of that involves switching from PDF to HTML as your primary reading platform. This is our space to gather user-feedback to continuously enhance and improve Page Central's features, so we're all ears for your thoughts.

Who is using Page Central OnDemand?

Page Central's patent-pending engine is used by the world's largest scientific journal publisher, and supports proofing of the majority of their articles. The platform has generated over 4 million high quality pages for publishers so far. Page Central OnDemand showcases our vision for its evolution to an HTML-based typesetting engine.

What will I see when I sign-in?

Sign up to access your own personal dashboard that will give you a sample and guidance on input packages and supported formats. Download our sample or upload your own content to experience the platform. Browse through the template catalogue to view multiple typeset outputs, and toggle between templates to see different layouts, instantly.

Can I try my content on Page Central?

Yes, absolutely. This hub is for you to see first-hand what your content looks like when typeset, instantly on the browser. You will need to prepare your content (input details appear when you sign up), and upload it through your dashboard. Then select a template (and toggle between more later on in the process) to view your output, which is available for download as a beautifully-set page.

You will see an error message if something's not right, and so will we. We'll look into your file right away and reach out to you on your registered email.

I have a question or some comments - how can I contact you?

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback - please write to us on the Contact page and we will connect with you on your registered email ID. If you would like us to contact you directly, however, please leave us a phone number in your message.

What are the specifications for XML and the input package?

Your dashboard will give you access to a sample that you can download. These will tell you everything you need to know about the input package and supported XML.

How can I integrate with Page Central OnDemand?

All of the services you see on this interface are available via our API. We have developed a robust REST API schema definition that makes it easy to call the services from within your workflows, to provide seamless integration.

What APIs are available?

We have REST APIs that

  • allow you to upload your content (we also have bulk upload capability)
  • allow you to select a template.
  • provide a unique URL that can be used to view the paginated output in a browser.
  • provide an option to download a PDF.

How can I use the APIs?

We have developed secure token based access. Please write to us on [email] to set up an evaluation and discuss how best to integrate with our APIs.

How well will it be supported?

Page Central OnDemand has a dedicated team that will continue to maintain and expand it, to align with our customers' needs.

What is the future for Page Central OnDemand?

HTML and its vast potential have us excited. Our roadmap for new development includes:

  • Building more complex typesetting rules and user manipulation capabilities.
  • Providing more out-of-the-box templates.
  • Providing the ability for users to configure templates to create their own versions.
  • Extending the range of incoming XML content that can be used.

What XML content do you handle ?

This platform handles JATS based XML as standard. You will see a sample when you sign up, which you can download and inspect. We plan on adding other industry standard XML content shortly. If you have custom content types, contact us and we will configure it for you.

Can I embed it into my product or application?

While a centrally hosted model is a our core offering, the Page Central OnDemand technology can be installed within your own product or application. Talk to us.

Can you host our content?

Yes, we can host your content and provide a unique link that you can embed within your website to display it. We offer a secure environment and can use token authentication if required.

Can it produce a print-ready PDF or web PDF ?

Yes, the platform produces web and print-ready PDF versions. We understand that your specific requirements for these files can vary, and will work with you to incorporate them. Once you've experienced Page Central, however, we hope you will see the benefits of making HTML your primary online viewing mechanism, with PDF as an on-demand secondary format.

What does "supports JATS" mean?

We currently support the most common tags that we have encountered over the years of our work. When you sign up, we will provide two examples of XML content that show most of the tags we support. We plan on increasing the range of support for JATS tags in the near future.

Is it scalable?

We have built Page Central OnDemand using microservices on the Amazon Cloud which provides for a highly scalable system.

What is your expected availability?

We have used dual zone availability within our Amazon cloud infrastructure and therefore expect extremely high levels of availability and resilience.

Can I use it for non STM publications?

Yes. Our background is in STM, but this can be used for any content type to create a styled, consistent, attractive paginated output. Contact us to discuss customisation.

I want a specific custom template.

We can build one for you! Reach us to discuss custom template needs. We are working to provide design and configuration capabilities in the near future.

I want to use my own proprietary XML with my own DTD/Schema.

We have a flexible intermediate format that is used by our Pagination Engine. We can configure our import process to use your specific content. Please contact us for further details.

What are the main limitations ?

We're working hard to continuously incorporate additional features to Page Central OnDemand. At the moment:

  • we've put over 140 rules in place for text and image placement, and allow for some manual adjustment. We are working to cater to highly styled documents as well, and can create custom solutions for you.
  • the paltform supports a subset of JATS tags. When you sign up, you will see a downloadable sample that will outline the currently supported tags. We intend to develop XML coverage further, as we receive specific requests.

How to prepare my input package?

Page Central OnDemand accepts one of the following files of the article as input to produce the paginated output

  • An XML file of an article.
  • An archive file containing XML file of an article and the supporting assets like figures, illustrations, and math equations in image format.
  • If you are providing the archived input, follow the below structure:
    • Place the supporting assets in a folder named as “media”.
    • Compress the XML file along with the Media folder as a single archive file using a file archiver.
    • Media folder should not contain any duplications (e.g.: fig1.tif, fig1.gif) or Supplementary files (e.g.: mp4, video, pdf)