Ok, Got it

Over 4 million pages generated.. And counting.. Over 1500 Journals, Books and Book Series

Instant in-browser Pagination, in seconds

ZERO Cost of Repagination


Robust templates built using HTML, CSS and Java Script.

Supports JATS XML and custom DTD.


Paginated view that incorporates complex layouts that looks like you would expect in PDF, but uses HTML instead, allowing for instant in-browser typesetting.


Download the typeset output as a web-friendly PDF

Print PDF specifications can vary – we will work with you to meet your specific print PDF needs


Paginate Instantly

Select schema type


We already support JATS. But if you have a custom schema, contact us, and we will configure it for you.

Upload your XML


Upload your XML as a file or a ZIP package. Read our package specifications.

Choose a template


We have an extensive catalogue of single, double and triple column templates, and will keep adding more. Contact us if you’d like a custom template.

Generate your page


Voila! Your HTML page is ready. You can also download it as a PDF.


Content Production

Use Page Central anywhere in your production process. As long as XML is available, generate a page without needing to create a typeset PDF. Register to experience on-the-fly HTML pagination, or speak to us to learn more.

Content Delivery

Page Central harnesses the power of HTML and browsers to generate a paginated output where you are in control of the view. Toggle between templates, and download a web-friendly PDF when you like what you see.


Available as an API, Page Central can be embedded into your product for instant HTML pagination. Contact us to know more.